Our card-linked solution offers businesses a brand loyalty rewards solution that offers free oline advertising proven to help acquire customers. 

Buy customers, not ads! Advertise for FREE on the best websites and apps, and only pay for in-store sales. Advertise on our mobile fundingn solution, Buckworm, and on our in-network partner websites like Yelp!, Yahoo and online Yellow Pages, as well as corporate rewards sites like Bank of America, Hilton Honors, American AAdvantage, and many more.

We send customers to you, providing you Immediate access to millions of our in-network consumers, both in your local area and across the country. Build brand loyalty with your current and future customer base using discount rewards. Whether it’s the local customer, business traveler or someone just passing through, our in-network partners will give your business the expansive exposure it deserves.

Your ad is a rewards incentive offering customers a 10% discount reward for coming through your door. It’s posted across our in-network partner websites and apps for all to see, at NO COST to you! The discount reward is only realized when a customer walks through the door and makes a purchase. It’s all about point of sale; nothing paid upfront. Your advertisement will be seen by customers based on their GPS location. So a traveler from out-of-town looking for a local restaurant will automatically see your advertisement!

When a customer dines you keep 100% of their transaction and the customer realizes a 10% discount reward. There’s nothing for you to do. Using our card-linked technology, we automatically apply the discount reward directly back to the customer’s credit card: Visa, Master Card or Amex. It’s that easy.

Card-linked technology directly connects you with your customer and their purchasing frequency and behavior. You are provided revenue reporting and analysis on impressions, in-store purchases, total revenue and incremental lift.

Card-linked technology directly connects you with your customer so you can communicate with them and drive in-store impressions and purchasing activity. Customers will receive alerts on offers that reflect their purchasing behavior within your store.

Online advertising eliminates POS integration and frustration dealing with coupons and redemptions, and the discount rewards help build long-term brand loyalty and repeat business. Your customers earn their 10% rewards each time they walk through the door and make a purchase...time and time again. It’s rewards with a smile.