State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax Review Service - The Found Money Program

The Found Money Program is a our most unique contingency-based service delivered and performed at NO UPFRONT COST to you. It is designed to identify and secure cash refunds and credits for prior SUI tax overpayments and reduce your future SUI tax rates. No refunds, credits or prospective savings = no fees paid! A true Win-Win for our clients.

Many unsuspecting companies overpay on their SUI taxes each and every year. The Found Money Program averages tax savings of over $300,000 for our clients, with many clients into the millions. We achieve these results without the need to access detailed and confidential payroll information of any kind. We require very little employee time and all the work is performed at our home office. Better still, all SUI tax refunds and/or credits go directly from the state to you; we do not take any temporary custody of your assets! 

We are also sensitive with regards to your relationship with any full-service unemployment tax provider you may be using. Our service is transparent so your current provider will not know we have been engaged. We are simply there to give you another set of eyes with regards to your SUI tax rates. 

The Found Money Program has generated significant realized savings throughout our extensive client base, which includes premium global brand names across the Fortune 500 in retail, manufacturing, banking, service and more. But The Found Money Program has also helped mid-sized companies as well. Here's why:

State tax rate calculations are complex, and many variables and moving parts are involved. Plus, a high level of inherent risk exists in anything the state administers on a client's behalf. Our program reviews these many variables and moving parts in detail to invariably find the occurence of errors. Additionally, while many of our clients utilize large, national unemployment tax firms, our successful experiences show that economies of scale prevent these firms from detailed reviews and thus limiting their ability to identify detail-oriented errors; instead limiting their SUI tax rate reviews to more of an anaytical approach year over year. The Found Money Program provides the 100% vertical deep-dive review of all your tax entities required in order to identify those frequent detailed-oriented errors that fly below the radar.