Our portfolio of services provides you with value-oriented cost recovery and reduction services, consulting and advisory services and mobile commerce funding solutions that help put cash back into your organization's pocket, and keep it there.

Cost Recovery and Reduction Services

Our cost recovery and reduction services include our unique and highly specialized SUI tax review "The Found Money Program", and general procurment costs. Our cost recovery and reduction services are delivered on a contingency-fee basis, which means at NO COST to you. A fee is paid only if savings are realized from the delivery of our services and cash is in "your" pocket;  a true "Win-Win" for our clients. Our services have benefited companies of all sizes acorss all typs of industries. So whether you're a Fortune 500 company looking to recover overpayments or to reduce costs going forward in SUI taxes procurement, CMS Group can deliver for you in a transparent, non-intrusive, efficient and professional manner.

Card-Linked Solutions

Our card-linked solution helps clients grow incremental business without any upfront cost by advertising for free across our national partner advertising platform. 

Mobile Funding Solutions

Our mobile funding solution, BuckwormTM, helps drive customers to businesses while providing schools and non-profits ("SNPs") with their own version of "The Found Money Program." BuckwormTM provides SNPs with a seamlessly integrated ecosystem that helps SNPs increase funding at absolutely NO COST and without any obligation. 

Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Our business consulting and advisory services represent a portfolio of value-oriented services to help any organization. Our portfolio of services includes management advisory and consulting, business valuation and litigation support, accounting and assurance and taxation. In 2011, CMS Group invested in it's long term growth in this segment by merging with a prominent public accounting firm recognized and awarded for excellence in these respected field.